No Monero or Dash Investment Trust?

This week Grayscale filed the with the SEC to bring the Zcash Investment Trust to accredited investors for about $11 million. So far, Grayscale has done Investment Trusts for Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, and now Zcash; but why no Monero or Dash Investment Trust?

Barry Silbert preannounced the Zcash Investment Trust on Twitter earlier this year. He also implied the Trust would be offered due to investor demand and the investment case for Zcash.  The Zcash protocol does employ zk-SNARK for the exchange of payments without revealing participant information. In addition, Zcash is the third most popular** coin offering privacy, anonymity, and fungibility. So why no Monero and Dash Investment Trust?

Besides the underlying protocol, a coin’s scarcity of supply makes them more valuable to investors. Zcash’s total monetary will be 21 million coins. When Zcash launched last year, stakeholders would be receiving 10% or 2.1 million coins of the total monetary base. Most stakeholders would receive their “founders reward” over four years, but investors received their coins in the first year.

Could this be why there is no Monero or Dash Investment Trust?

Barry Silbert and his Digital Currency Group were both early investors in Zcash, the protocol and the company. They are also the same parties behind Grayscale. Now after the launch of Zcash, they should have received all of their Zcash coins. A great way for Silbert and DCG to unload their Zcash holdings, and not depressing the market, would be selling them to accredited investors through an Investment Trust.

Zcash Investment Trust shares can be bought and sold without impacting the  Zcash coins in circulation.  Is this why no Monero or Dash Investment Trust?