More Snap Exclusives


Snap is really good at exclusives.

On Thursday, Scripps announced its deal to bring shows to Snap’s Discover Platform. On the same day, the Wall Street Journal reported on the media companies – Disney and NBCUniversal – that are already producing content for Snap along with potential new ones such as Fox and CBS.

The Wall Street Journal even quoted Snap VP, Nick Bell, that Evan Spiegel was involved in the media companies’ efforts. News of media companies working with Snap isn’t really new: NBCUniversal parent, Comcast, is a late, but enthusiastic investor in Snap.

And it’s not unusual for the normally silent Snap to speak exclusively with the Wall Street Journal. In September 2016, the Wall Street Journal Magazine featured a piece on Snap’s newly released Spectacles that were modeled by Evan Spiegel.

Ahead of Snap’s earnings call next week, it’s also not strange that news comes of exclusive shows coming to Snap; proprietary content is something Facebook can’t copy.